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Tuesday Tip: Chuck Hawkins’s Top 10 Michigan Flies

Written by: Chuck Hawkins, Hawkins Outfitters

Chuck Hawkins loves the variety of fishing opportunities in his native Michigan.
Photo courtesy Chuck Hawkins

Kirk Deeter, writer for the Field and Stream blog, recently said that he believes that Michigan is the top fly-fishing state in the union. One of the main reasons he believes this is that tremendous diversity of. . .


Photos: Orvis Trout School on the Madison River

Written by: Pete Kutzer

The goal of the Trout School was to teach folks how to catch more of these beauties.
All photos courtesy Eaton Outfitters

We just had a great specialty school at Madison Valley Ranch in Ennis, Montana. The lodge is perfectly located for a school, right on the banks of the Madison River. We had six guest at the school, some of whom were. . .


Classic Pro Tips: The Habits of Highly Effective. . .and Ineffective. . .Anglers

Written by: Phil Monahan

Kirk Werner has some dagy advice for his fellow anglers.
Photo via

At the end of July, Andrew Bennet of Deneki Outdoors, wrote an excellent post called “13 Habits of Highly Effective Anglers,” which got a lot of play around the Web. Among the useful tips were: . . .


Photo of the Day: Stunning Yellowstone Cutthroat

Written by: Phil Monahan

Eben Schaefer caught this beauty on the Upper Yellowstone in the Park.
Photo courtesy Hubbard’s Yellowstone Lodge

My friend Eben Schaefer sent me this photo last night, and it made me laugh because this stunning cutthroat was caught in my “secret spot,” where I landed many great fish during my summer guiding for Hubbard’s Yellowstone Lodge in the. . .